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E-Meeting on COVID-19: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment April 29, 2020 | 14:00-19:35
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As the coronavirus pandemic marches around the world, leading to unprecedented measures to stop the virus's spread, we, United Scientific Group have decided to initiate these online virtual meetings to have the same platform for discussion and networking. Leading Scientists and Researchers have gathered online on April 29, 2020 to discuss different research aspects going on "COVID-19: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment"

Jan Tesarik


Jan Tesarik, MARGen Clinic, Spain

Title: Melatonin to Reduce Death Toll Due to Covid-19: From Innate to Adaptive Immune Response

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D. Padmaja


D. Padmaja, Dr NRS Government Ayurvedic Medical College, India

Title: Preventive Role of Ayurvedic Nasya Karma (Errhine) in Covid 19

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Steven LOH Cheng Toa


Steven LOH Cheng Toa, NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic, Singapore

Title: TCM's Intervention and Effects on COVID-19: Introducing the Few Most Commonly used Concoctions during Treatment

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Daniela Bacherini


Daniela Bacherini, University of Florence, Italy

Title: The COVID-19 Pandemic from an Ophthalmologist's Perspective

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P R Raghavan


P R Raghavan, Nanorx Inc, Chappaqua, NY

Title: Metadichol ® ; Natures Own Remedy to the Corona Virus

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George Kroumpouzos


George Kroumpouzos, Brown University, Providence, RI

Title: Challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic for Dermatology

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Miku Sodhi


Miku Sodhi, Shasta Cascade Health Centers, Mount Shasta, CA

Title: Perspective On Recent Drug Use For COVID-19 and Impact of Health Disparities on Testing and Transmission

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Edith P. Mitchell


Edith P. Mitchell, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

Title: Corona Virus: Global Pandemic Causing World-Wide Shutdown

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Felicia Andrei


Felicia Andrei, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Victor Babes, Romania

Title: An Important Helping Hand of Homeopathy

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